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Create more than just content

Again and again, content is hailed king. But there’s a growing focus on not just
creating content that reaches the right audiences at the right time, but curating
multi-channel experiences that get audiences to interact with our brand.

How do you create more than just content?
Leverage data analytics and real-time content management to gather consumer
insights and deliver relevant, personalized experiences.

10–20% of loyal fans can drive 80%+ of an overall
business’s value.

Mobile audiences

Not only has the rise of mobile tech influenced
how audiences view and creators generate content,
it’s becoming the preferred way users choose to consume
their media.

69% of the total time users spend consuming media is
on smartphones.

Every smart phone, tablet, television and computer will have access to our content.

Reaching New Audiences

Media consumption is now more democratic than ever since audiences can easily and
instantly provide feedback and let their opinions be heard. This means our team will
be just as varied and diverse to meet (and exceed) audience expectations.

Audiences weigh in on what they want and how they consume it. While it’s an exciting time to
respond to and craft bespoke user experiences in real time, not having the proper technology
makes it difficult to stay on top of new media waves and audience analytics.

Enter our very own AI called Prexis.

Mobile devices and social media have transformed how media is consumed and
perceived in two important ways:

• Audiences now have continuous and instant
access to content.

• Audiences have the power to promote or
destroy brands overnight, making real-time
response key.

Turning our audience into fans

It’s easy to focus on just a target audience.

But to truly tap into our audience’s potential, we explore ways to turn
them into fans who interact with and talk about our brand.

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